About Ryan Prizio

A Voice Talent You Can Rely On

I'm a professional audiobook narrator. I don't do those on-hold voices you hear when you're sitting for hours on the phone. I don't do those cheesy announcer voices you hear on the radio that make you want to punch something.

I narrate audiobooks, and I'm pretty good at it.

Want to work with me?
  • You have a sexy voice.

  • Your audition was the best of the bunch, (and I received TONS of them) so I'm happy that we can move forward on this project!

    Trevor Clinger
  • Damn, your voice is amazing!

    Alicia Mao
  • Ryan was a dream to work with!

    Jane Lebak
  • Ryan was the perfect fit for my book on conversation skills. I wanted a voice that was friendly and confident -- sort of a trustworthy older brother -- and Ryan matched my hopes exactly. Moreover, he was extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire recording process. I highly recommend him for your next project.

    Daniel Wendler


I charge $325 per finished hour for audiobooks or a royalty share if agreed upon.

I read all books that I narrate cover to cover. When I'm finished, I'm left with a heavily highlighted and mostly marked-up manuscript. I dive inside each character's head and find out what makes them tick.

I bring your book to life.

Check out what makes me stand out from the competition.


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I love reading facts like that. You can almost hear the fun being sucked out of blogging as it becomes a chore to so many people.

Let's see if that happens to me.

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